The League of Essextraordinary Gentlmen (and Gentlewomen), is the site dedicated to the persuit of steampunk in and around the county of  Essex.

The aims of the group are as follows.

1. To enjoy the benefits of amiable companionship in attractive locations.

2. To hold regular social meetings for members within the County.

3. To organize events for the benefit of the general steampunk community.

4. To increase public awareness of Steampunk.

5. To foster an affiliation with other steampunk groups.

6. To provide opportunities for car sharing for members travelling to events, in order to reduce travel costs, and create a resource for members without access to transportation.

In recent years, steampunk has experienced a massive increace in popularity, with steampunk elements appearing in films and television programmes.

Throughout the year, steampunk events are taking place around the country, rangeing in scale from small social gatherings, to The Asylum, the largest steampunk convention in Europe, taking place in Lincoln, in August.

There is no charge for joining the League of Essextraordinary Gentlemen, If you would like more information, please contact me on steampunk@leagueofessex.com 


The League of Essextraordinary Gentlemen has been active for almost a decade. The group communicates mainly through Facebook.
You can find us at https://www.facebook.com/groups/leagueofessex/


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