Sights of interest in the aetherweb.

The Brassgoggles forum.
   This forum is the main site for the online discussion of all things Steampunk

The League of Essetrordinary Gentlemen, Meta-Club  A quiet corner of the BrassGoggles forum reserved for Steampunk enthusiasts living in and around Essex.

The Victorian Steampunk Society.  The VSS
are a voluntary  organisation formed to promote steampunk as a genre, community and art form in the UK.

The British Steampunk Community. The Facebook page for British Steampunk, a good place to check for steampunk events.

The ASYLUM.  The Biggest Steampunk Festival in Europe. Taking place in Lincoln, on the 9th 10th & 11th of September 2011

VULCANIA SUBMARINE  A functioning, one man minnisub replica of the Nautilus from the 1957 Disney film of  20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, and other functioning diving gear replicas from the film.