Steampunk Day in Ipswich, 19th February 2011

The Ipswich Gathering will be the first official meeting of the League of Essextraordinary Gentlemen, but anyone who is interested in coming along is welcome.
By a happy coincidence, The popular steampunk band, Ghostfire, will be playing at Club Incarnate, in the Ipswich Corn Exchange.
The Plan is to gather at the Steamboat Tavern, to meet up, and for those who want to, to enjoy a pre-luncheon drink.
At 12:30, we shall proceed to the Mariners Restaurant, for luncheon. The Mariners is a converted 1899 Gunboat, offering a lunchtime set menu of 2 Courses for £12.50, or 3 courses for £15.50.
After the meal, the plan is to visit the Ipswich Museum, which has a splendid Victorian Natural history hall, and a Woolly Mammoth, so there will be plenty of opportunities for photographs.
The Museum closes at 5:00pm, it is a short walk from the Cricketers Pub. where those that are hungry can enjoy a light supper, and a few libations, before we proceed to the Ipswich Corn Exchange, some time between the doors opening at 8:00pm, and Ghostfire playing at 10:00pm. 
So, Here is a rough itinerary of the days event.
From 11.00am Gather at the Steamboat Tavern. (or go directly to the Restaurant at 12:30pm)

12.30pm Proceed to the
Mariners Restaurant.

AFTER MEAL, Walk to the Ipswich Museum.

5.00pm Libations, and a light supper at the Cricketers pub.

Between 8.00pm & 9.30pm, Set off to Club Incarnate in time for Ghostfire live performance.
Tickets for Club Incarnate where Ghostfire are playing, cost £15.00 on the door, or are available online for a reduced cost at &
Because of the need to book a table at the Mariners Restaurant, If you wish to join us for the lunchtime meal, please send me an email at . The deadline for booking the table is the 12th of February, so if you want to be sure of a place, please contact me before the 11th of February.
For more information, please contact me on the email address above, or visit the BrassGoggles Topic about this Gathering.
Below is a map of Ipswich, indicating the Locations involved in the days activities.
Green Pin = The Steamboat Tavern
Fork & Knife = The Mariners Resturant
Blue Pin = The Ipswich Museum
Yellow Pin = The Cricketers Pub
Pink Pin = The Ipswich Corn Exchange

Ipswich Steampunk Day